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Introduction laundry service curtains

Curtains is an important part of the beautiful design of the family, and the office. Curtains help create harmony, grace and life to the room. Curtains also help show the style of the owner.

Besides, curtains separating the environment inside and outside the home, so when you open the door, dust and moisture from the outside will easily attach to the curtain. In addition, the dust from the ceiling, fans, vents, dust when you clean the house or the children's game playing will cause dirty curtains quickly.

TKT package offers laundry service curtains for the family and the company's customers, your blinds will be clean as new.

dịch vụ giặt rèm dịch vụ giặt rèm dịch vụ giặt rèm dịch vụ giặt rèm
Figure: curtain


1. Classification curtain

The curtain material is very diverse, the classification curtain extremely important to methodically cleaning them accordingly.

Check curtain material is an important first step before you start cleaning. Classification based on the fabric of the curtains of thin and thick curtains, fabrics, light or dark fabric shrinkage or color or not ...

Silk material (velvet, brocade, DUI, silk, chiffon): after removing down, you should shake gently to remove dust or use a vacuum cleaner for regular cleaning.

Cotton or linen: you can clean them weekly with washing machine and drying gently (gentle regime).

Thick material (canvas, cows, rabbits, Brocade): use dry, you can shake or vacuuming them regularly. If it is hot, you used to clean the surface around the curtains. The heat will help kill the roots bacteria and help new curtains look.

Sensitive material (lace, chiffon): dry them in a cool place, avoid sunlight.

Expensive material: to use professional cleaning equipment cleaning company will not affect the life of the curtain.

dịch vụ giặt ghế văn phòng, ghế sofa dịch vụ giặt ghế văn phòng, ghế sofa dịch vụ giặt ghế văn phòng, ghế sofa dịch vụ giặt ghế văn phòng, ghế sofa
Tơ lụa Cotton Voan Vải bố
Phân loại rèm


2.Rules to clean blinds

Depending on the fabric you choose the cleaning method or different instruments

Cleaning with steam: for thick fabrics, like antibacterial, disinfectant. Dry toilets: for thin curtain, silk, lace Cleaning wet: for all kinds of curtain fabric


3. Equipment, chemical washing office chair

Equipment: Washing machine wet (For the simple curtain type), dry (for complex types of blinds with sunscreen and urea copper or metal buttons). Chemicals: chemical cleaning


4. Washing process office chair

4.1. Remove curtain Remove curtain classification Remove marking each curtain area Classification curtain (to apply the method of washing the curtains, washing curtains match)

4.2. Laundry, cleaning screen Each curtain has a dry, different equipment and chemicals.

4.3. Dried curtain Depending on the type of blinds, which can be exposed to the sun, to cool, or use air blowers ...

4.4. Sanitation, reinforced rails

4.5. Installing blinds on the initial position

dịch vụ giặt ghế văn phòng, ghế sofa dịch vụ giặt ghế văn phòng, ghế sofa dịch vụ giặt ghế văn phòng, ghế sofa
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5. Benefits of using TKT’s home cleaning services

- TKT’s staff: Our maids are qualified, professional, and experienced in Apartment cleaning, office cleaning, and industrial cleaning. All the maids are well-trained about cleaning equipment operation and cleaning procedure. Customers are served with our friendly and professional cleaners.

- Equipment: TKT use modern and expensive equipment which are only utilized by cleaning-specialized companies. This guarantees the shortest cleaning duration.

- Chemicals: Our chemicals produced by the world’ famous manufacturer are exclusive and environment friendly. Therefore, customers do not have to bother yourselves with environmental problems and the side effects of cleaning chemicals.

- Standard cleaning procedure: The cleaning procedure is based on research and real experience to ensure the best quality.


6. Sales quote

- Cleaning costs are sent to customers right after the field visiting


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