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Benefits of hourly maids

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Why maids by the hour?

(Ngày 3/3/2012)

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In addition to the benefits that help the family now offers such as: you can save a lot of costs, not living with strangers whose homes back clean, you can be assured of work that do not have to worry about anytime to housework, while it can prevent the husband "eat roll spring"

The reason that many families make when choosing how to hire maids by now is: not so much the need to have a maid to eat at home; to reduce costs; yet to find maids eatliving in the house at will want; even choose form is just a precaution that her husband "eat roll spring" ...

1001 why hire maids by the hour

When her son was three years old, Nguyen Hoang Ngan Kim Giang, Hanoi decided to send her child in daycare and Osin leave. However, things are not as simple as you think. Despite his young children, but the way to get me, go for cooking, washing and cleaning the house made ​​her there some day be disengaged. Plus the stress of a chief accountant at an electronics company, is one month, Ngan, haggard saw. She old Osin went to others, find new people is not easy because you were afraid to hire a stranger ...


Tips hourly hire maids effective

(date 3/1/2012)

lợi ích giúp việc theo giờ

Just pocket a few small "tips", hiring maids by the hour is not so complicated as you might think!

Modern and busy lives that need help growing. However, the situation of theft, collision between the employer and the making hiring "nanny" in the traditional form gradually "usurpation" by the services hired by the hour.

However, the hiring of hourly sometimes bothers you because flutes hide the hours. To hiring "assistant" effective hourly, please refer to the following five tips:

1.Hire a professional maid and experience

Due to the nature of work by the hour, you will not have much time to guide their work. With experience, they are easy to use electronic equipment and know how to organize, organize, work more ...


Help the family to "the throne"

(Ngày 4/9/2011)

lợi ích giúp việc theo giờ

Occupation servant now "throne" on the grounds that high wages have more time "running the numbers" and spare body because it is not tied to the owner's family.

1."Help now run the numbers"

Ms. Nguyen Thi Phuong (from Ly Nhan-Nam Ha) is a "well-known" entice fellow sisters to Hanoi assisting profession. Phuong buildings near Ngoc Ha market to ... 80 sisters countryside inn maid. Phuong said: "Each room has 10 people, introduce each other, make the other way work very close and happy."

"7 pm, her A, 11.30 B, evening 6 pm at her home C. .." Phuong speak Rot weekly schedule. Currently, she makes ... 18 houses, each one different. Phuong only help the work by the hour, because that is how you make a lot of money on the season you can easily leave the home care reap. On naochi also run at least 3 "" and always in a state of hot waters from house to house ...


Hourly rental programs help so hard to find Osin

(Date 12/7/2011)

lợi ích giúp việc theo giờ

After the New Year, many families choose to hire maids now because the price of "software" Osin lease with the landlord.

Also fall into this situation as many other urban households, after Tet, the maid has done more than a year suddenly "disappeared". She and her husband Quynh to find hire centers but appalled as Osin rent too high. "We did not need much, just take the children to school daily, cooking, cleaning the house. But if you accept their monthly salary is 2 million / month, slightly higher, close by my servants salary ", you Quynh think.

To overcome without Osin, save money, she and her husband hired people by the hour. Each week, the maid at the center will come on weekends, cleaning the house clean. As the shuttle two children to school, she and her husband had split sent. "We signed a contract to help the long-term lease, each paid 50,000. One day cleaning the house only takes 3 hours. Paid a month cheaper than renting Osin in the same owners "...


Hourly maid - Doubly both income

(Date 6/5/2011)

lợi ích giúp việc theo giờ

Help hourly service currently selected families, by the service to help them "take" the burden of house cleaning after hard working days.

On the other hand, when the demand for services to help growing by the hour, the person doing the housework and have more opportunities to earn extra income.

Life is busy, the anchor person, but do not want to hire "the sin", many families choose to hire someone to clean the house, take care of plants, weeding the garden ... hourly. The owner pleased that the house is still decent, clean but not "bear" have strangers in the house, the servant now satisfied with relatively high income levels.

Le Anh Xuan, 41-year-old senior was assisted by two years. Spring family in the West. About 7-8 years ago, the hard life in the countryside, she and her husband took the kids to leave home to Vung Tau career. New first time to Vung Tau, her husband's crude iron, and she goes to the sub clock, every day for 65 thousand to 70 thousand dollars. Nearly two years ago, an acquaintance asked her to clean the house and pay her 80 thousand / day ...



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