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Home and office maid is a job – Once being a job, it must be PROFESSIONAL.

We would like to send big thanks to you for working for TKT, contributing to make TKT become premier home and office care service supplier in Vietnam.

Thank you for working with honesty, dedication, and friendliness. Your sweat and hard work have brought many people happy moments. Therefore, you are eligible for reasonable salary and respectful.

You deserve social respect, recognition, and a happy life.

As TKT’s staffs, you must respect yourselves, customers and the company.


1. First, to become TKT’s staffs, you MUST abide by TKT’s REGULATIONS

  • No stealing, no lateness, no laziness
  • Comply with TKT’s regulations – Follow employers’ family routine
  • Honest – Dedicated - Friendly


2. Second, to get high salary, TKT’s staffs must satisfy customers with professionalism:

  • Must improve professional competence
  • Must better communication skill
  • Must satisfy customers


3. Third, TKT assists staffs with sound policies.

  • Be trained to meet customers’ increasing demand
  • Be protected by Labor law: medical insurance, social insurance, unemployment insurance
  • Get monthly reward based on customers’ evaluation
  • Get paid for uniform and transportation

With the effort to make home and office maid become a professional job, TKT always welcomes new members to join our family.

Best regards

Director - TKT Company



Note: In the following text, the word employer is referred to TKT's customers

  1. Strictly abide by contract terms.
  2. Work with the hours in contract and do the job well.
  3. 100, 000 VND will be subtracted from the salary for each working day if a home and office maid works less than the hours in the contract or is absent without  employer's permission. Staff must inform employer and TKT by calling 028.66.830.930.
  4. Must take care of work uniform. Home and office care maid must pay a fine of 200,000 VND in case of losing uniform.
  5. When receiving a contract, home and office care maid must pay 200, 000 VND as the deposit. If the maid does not go to work as required by the contract must pay a fine of 200, 000 VND.
  6. Home and office care maid must not ask employer for extra money, must not ask for  salary from employer, and must not question employer about salary (Before starting working, maid has discussed about salary and related issues with TKT. maid gets salary directly from TKT). If maid breaks the regulation, he/she will lose the deposit or even the whole month's salary. Besides, TKT can end the contract with the maid.
  7. Must not argue with employer or employer's family members. Please call TKT 028.66.830.930 if there is any problem.
  8. Must not hand in fake curriculum vitae or documents to TKT. If detected, TKT will collect the deposit and the whole month's salary of the maid.
  9. Working hours: due to the job characteristics, home and office care maids must work all days during the week including Sunday and holidays. maids can be off work for four days/per year in Lunar New Year (30 Lunar December, 1 to 3 Lunar January). If maid is absent on Hung King anniversary (10/3), Independence Day (2/9), 30/4, or International maids' Day (1/5), he/she must work on another day to make up for that. Working on these days, maids can get double pay.
  10. maid must inform employer and TKT at least 03 days in advance before leave (except for special reasons) and give true reason for that. maid must return to work in the time reported. maid must not be absent without reason and permission, must not urge for illegal strike. maid must inform employer and TKT 15 days in advance before resignation.
  11. Work in the time required, not earlier not later (if not permitted) to avoid affecting employer. Must not go out during working time.
  12. Strictly follow safety rules in using household equipment. Must not be lazy or appear to be lazy. Must not have long nails or wear jewelry at work.
  13. Protect employer's property. No loss or damage is allowed. maid must make up for any loss or damage they cause with equal value. maid must not use employer's property for personal purpose.
  14. Must not steal or damage employer's property. No embezzling money from employer in any case (especially when shopping or delivery). No smoking, no drug, no alcohol, no fighting, no violence at work. Any violation will be prosecuted.
  15. Must not break the social moral standards or principles (i.e. must not put poisonous or harmful substance in food to damage employer's health). Must not use impolite or bad words with employer especially those with small children.
  16. Must be economical, Inform employer about remaining products.
  17. Must not lend others provided working equipment without employer's permission.
  18. Must not bring friends, relatives to employer's home. Must not have visitor at work.
  19. Must not use employer's phone for personal purpose without employer's permission.
  20. Must not gather together to gossip and transfer bad rumors to affect employer and his/her family.
  21. Be clean and keep employer's house clean. No rubbish throwing, spit, or any other action to make employer's house dirty and messy. Put personal belongings in the right place. Must not bring valuables along.
  22. Must not let others take over the contract or work at other places without TKT's permission. If maid cannot perform the contract, he/she must inform the company and compensate as ruled.
  23. Must not modify, erase, or damage employer's documents without permission. Must keep the privacy for employer and his/her family.
  24. Keep the contract with TKT confidential. Attend all the meetings held by the Company (when required)
    If maid violates any above rule, TKT can deduct money from his/her salary, impose a fine, end contract, or prosecute him/her.


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