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1. TKT’s vision

TTKT was set up with the view to bringing Vietnamese families and businesses comfort and enjoyment.

TKT has been trying to become Vietnam’s premier company in home and office care with comprehensive packages.


2. TKT’s philosophy “Save time – Bring happiness”

TKT (standing for Save time – Tiet Kiem Thoi Gian), we always hold the belief that “Time is our priceless possession”

Time enables us to make miracles, succeed, and obtain happiness. TKT’s responsibility is to do everything from the smallest and most trivial to help you and your business save time for life and career.

TKT provides the complete Home and Office care with Dedication, Trust, and Professionalism.”

“TKT helps you create more time for your day”

"TKT is the way to put more time into your day!"

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Save time in your youth

(Ngày 12/6/2012)

tiết kiệm thời gian tuổi trẻ

If Spring is the most beautiful time during a year, youth is the most beautiful time in our life. That’s the time of dreams, plans, and desires. To make those dreams come true, we need to value and save time (save time – Tiet kiem thoi gian – TKT)

All saving is … about time

Karl Marx held a strong belief that All saving is just about time – TKT. To fulfill any task, we need time. For example, it takes a student five years to finish primary school, four years for secondary school, and three years for high school. It takes a farmer 3 months for each crop. Without time, we cannot do anything.


What is time saving?

(Ngày 3/5/2012)

luật nghề giúp việc

Saving time (TKT) is of great importance to us, so what is time saving?

Saving time means spending time on activities benefiting yourself and the society rather than pleasures.

We must save time because it is limited. Without saving time (TKT), you cannot fulfill any task.


How to save time?

(Ngày 4/4/2012)

luật nghề giúp việc

Life is so short and time is limited while the things you need to do are unlimited. So, how can you save time?

Making plan and forming good habits are of great importance to time saving (TKT).

Good habits

Getting out of bed right after waking up enables you to save from 20 to 50 minutes per day. In early morning, you should clear your mind to maximize your productivity. At noon, when feeling sleepy, you can do cleaning, or classify mails.


6 tips to save time

(Ngày 12/11/2011)

luật nghề giúp việc

Being not only busy with work, you are also occuppied with housechores. Please apply our tips to save time so that you can fulfill both social and family roles.

Reduce rubbish throwing times

While preparing meals, you should have a big container to put all the rubbish and wastes in. When you have finished everything, you can throw all the things in the container in the dust bin once only.


5 tips to save time for yourself

(Ngày 6/5/2011)

luật nghề giúp việc

Sometimes, you may feel that time is limited while you have so many things to do. Then, it is easy for you to get stressed. So, how can you create more time for youself? We are going to give five suggestions for this:

1. Making a timetable

Laura Stack, the writers of Find More Time (2006); and Leave the Office Earlier (2004) claimed that whether you want to write a novel or have a shower, you have to write it down. This can be as simple as saying that every night, I have shower from 8 to 8.30 because I don’t want to be disturbed.

Stack also suggested that you should make appointment with youself. She said you should write it down in your timetable as you cannot make it once you have had plan with someone else.



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