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TKT would like to instroduce our Marble and Granite floor polishing service:

Marble floors, Granite when put to use after a period of time will be clear, the color degradation due to friction movement, under the influence of the acid from the vinegar, lemon juice, food or chemical toilet... loss of gloss, the inherent elegance of stone. Normally Marble floors, Granite stone after several years of use will be degraded, we will replace, replacement is costly and sometimes impossible because the building is operating. Therefore the optimal solution is to use the services POLISH STONE FLOORS stone to shine again.


Stone floor polishing services of children with disabilities, specializing in polished stone floor, polished stone technology leading in Vietnam along with machinery and tools, chemical polishing stone imported from advanced countries in the world such as:United States, Malaysia, United Kingdom ...

Stone floor polishing services of TKT, the stone floor of our customers will come back seem shiny crown luxurious look of the building.

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dich vu danh bong san da - da marble classic almond dich vu danh bong san da - da mable classic royale dich vu danh bong san da - da granite Nero Absolute dich vu danh bong san da - da basal vulcan flamed
Marble: Classic Almond Tumbled Marble: Classic Royale Tumbled Granite: Nero Absolute Polished Basalt: Vulcan Flamed
Figure: Marble and Granite tiles


Rules and procedures for stone floor polishing services


1.Services scrub shiny stone floor: Classification stone floor

1.1.Natural stone materials (sawn): Being exploited in the wild and be sawn into pieces with different thickness and size, can be polished or rough. Used for flooring, lobby, hallways, stairs, tertiary, wall, column, pedestal toilet facilities.

  • Granite, Basalt (Granite, magma origin): Basically, Granite, Basalt is formed from lava, under the highly compressed earth's crust should have a very high hardness (point 7 /10 in the Mohs hardness measurement), if it is polished to a mirror-like surface. Crystalline structure, few colors and patterns, and often the different stone color between batches. Granite usually one cut stone size 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, rarely sawn stone slabs big slap.
  • Marble stone (limestone, Marble, origin of sedimentary rocks metamorphic variable): hardness less than (3/10 in the Mohs hardness measurement) and formed porous than Granite, so easy to wear and easy toabsorbed contaminants. There are many colors and are often veined stone to create patterns. Marble is often highly variable in color, so naturally between different stone blocks.
dich vu danh bong san da - da marble classic royale honed dich vu danh bong san da - da basalt classic honed dich vu danh bong san da - da marble Bluestone tumbled dich vu danh bong san da - da basalt vulcan honed
Marble - Classic Royale Honed Basalt: Classic Honed Marble: Bluestone Tumbled Basalt: Vulcan Honed
Figure: Marble and Granite tiles

1.2.Artificial stone: also made ​​from natural stone powder, through the process of a chemical reaction to create the binder, pressed into a block of artificial stone. Ordinary people create artificial stone color stone and so mimicking some natural Marble, should say to artificial stone, also known as artificial Marble. Artificial stone hard as Marble natural stone color and so uniform than natural stone. Normally there are three ways of producing artificial stone for the different product characteristics.

  • Forced to live: that is, using stone powder, through a chemical reaction to artificially compressed into cubes, these rocks rich colors, fresh, match tiles interior items such as background, tolet, a, pwall location ...
  • Pressed nine: stone powder that is used by the chemical reaction plus baked at high temperatures, these rocks very hard, scratch-resistant baseball, wearing, natural stone may be better, may be facingboth interior and exterior.
  • Body casting: using stone powder and some chemicals, calcined at high temperature, but not crushed rocks, which will direct casting into stone slabs (slap) good gloss, hard, consistent both internally tangentexterior.
dich vu danh bong san da - ceramic tiles 01 dich vu danh bong san da - ceramic tiles 02 dich vu danh bong san da - Porcelain tiles 01 dich vu danh bong san da - porcelains tiles 02
Ceramic tiles Ceramic tiles Porcelain tiles Porcelain tiles
Figure: Marble and Granite tiles

1.3. Brick (Ceamic tiles): general building material popular and oldest in the world, is the perfect product for the purpose of protection and decoration works. Depending on the features of each type of tile used for flooring or wall tiles, stairs, walkways, pool .... Each brick was born is one of the results of the selection process from the stage to the stage of coordination in natural materials such as: clay, kaolin, gypsum, colored yeasts and other additives. There are many different types of tiles produced by different technological processes, including enamelled tile (Glazed tiles), ceramic Granite (fake stone tile: unglazed tiles, homogeneous tiles), enamelled Granite tiles (Gres porcelain) ...

  • Enamelled tiles (Ceramic clay aggregate 70% and 30%, Glazed tile) is a very popular product, including the enamel coating on the surface of the bones of the bricks. Enamel can be glossy or matte, rough, shaggy, Norway designed by the manufacturer for each use of the product. Ceramic floor tiles have the following characteristics: high hardness (> 5 degrees Mohs), water permeability is low (<6%), vulnerability to corrosion, slip must meet requirements and quality standards specified . Decorative Wall Tiles favor of more aesthetic nature focused, the other technical standards do not require such high standards for ceramic tile flooring.
  • Granite tile (Granite Tiles consists of 70% white quartz and 30% clay with some other additives), also known as Quartz tiles, glass tiles, homogeneous tiles (unglazed tile, homogeneous tile) is the type of brickslices of enamel coatings. All bricks are 1 block homogeneous materials as well as color, gloss of the tiles is by grinding techniques, not enamel. Absolute standard size should be very small coupling circuit. Products have a very high surface hardness (> 5 degrees Mohs), very low water permeability (<0.5%), to meet demand in the area offers the flow of people through a lot of high friction.
  • Granite enamelled tiles (Gres porcelain) as its name implies, is a great combination of the above two kinds of tiles, with high-quality diagnostic of Granite bone and design patterns of the rich men, meetingrequirements for quality and aesthetics.

1.4. Brick, terrazzo tiles: Tiles are made ​​from cement, sand, Marble powder, powder ... by means of hydraulic presses, then coated with one layer of enamel thickness is about 2.5mm. Ensure water absorption <10%. Dedicated use wax to polish.

dich vu danh bong san da - da marble troy mix polished dich vu danh bong san da - ma marble classic calacatta polished dich vu danh bong san da - da marble classic back silk honed dich vu danh bong san da - da marble classic royale polished
Marble: Troy Mix Polished Marble:Classic Calacatta Polished

Marble: Classic Black Silk Honed

Marble: Classic Royale Polished
Figure: Marble and Granite tiles


Nature stone material

  • Marble prone to scratches and stains caused by the travel process. The color of the stone mainly because the metal oxide in the composition of the stone make up, so will lose color when acidic chemicals or chlorine bleach from touching the surface of the stone.
  • Stone very high hardness and good wear resistance is often used in places where many people pass by.

Principles of polished stone

  • Depending on the status of surface stone polishing service that decisions polishing method.
  • If the surface is too old, deep scratches, loss of gloss absolutely need to break the old rocks by physical methods to create friction with the pad or diamond disc.
  • Using chemical polishing stone to football.

Remember to making polished stone floor

  • Because rocks are composed by grain so if no protective layer of dirt will penetrate deeply into the rock surface. Stone floor very slippery when wet, so when you clean the wet floor signs.
  • Necessary to distinguish exactly Granite Marble, as well as to distinguish various kinds of ceramic tiles, Granite tiles, porcelain tiles.
  • Before using chemicals, need to test in a hidden place to view chemicals can damage the surface of the stone or not.


2. Stone floor polishing services: equipment, chemicals


  • Stone polishing scrubber
  • Vacuum cleaner, water, speculum
  • Pad black, red, white or diamond wheels.


  • Chemical polishing stone.
  • Chemical cleaning stone surfaces.


3. Stone floor polishing services: implementation process

Step 1: Prepare

  • Special signs
  • Preparation of polished stone floor, pad: black, pink, white.
  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Chemicals

Step 2: Assessment of rock surface and struck the stone floor surface (if necessary)

  • Class break polishing scratch-old, during, loss of gloss. Break stones blink of an edge.
  • Remove the old ron black dirt, creating new neurons are road and more beautiful with a special glue. This prevents dirt and glue will ball up when polishing stone.

Step 3: Chemically polished stone floor

  • Polish powder for stone combined with stone polish applied evenly over face. Chemicals will react with epoxy and glue in stone make a shiny surface is coated with a layer of mirror.

Step 4: Waterproof

  • Use waterproofing chemicals to prevent water and stain repellency in stone enhances longevity.

Step 5: Cleaning the stone floor

  • Use chemical to neutralize and clean all the chemicals, residual dust in the polishing process.


TKT wish you get luxury stone flooring, new shine as to be able to mix your own protection of their works.

And please leave the stone floor polishing service of TKT help you that. Sincere thanks and Best regards!

dich vu danh bong san da dich vu danh bong san da dich vu danh bong san da dich vu danh bong san da
Hình minh họa: dịch vụ đánh bóng sàn đá


Benefits of using TKT’s home cleaning services

We cleaning carefully all your furniture, your entire place. We know where dirt is.


- TKT’s staff: Our maids are qualified, professional, and experienced in house cleaning, office cleaning, and industrial cleaning. All the maids are well-trained about cleaning equipment operation and cleaning procedure. Customers are served with our friendly and professional cleaners


- Equipment: TKT use modern and expensive equipment which are only utilized by cleaning-specialized companies. This guarantees the shortest cleaning duration


- Chemicals: Our chemicals produced by the world’ famous manufacturer are exclusive and environment friendly. Therefore, customers do not have to bother yourselves with environmental problems and the side effects of cleaning chemicals.


- Standard cleaning procedure: The cleaning procedure is based on research and real experience to ensure the best quality.


We have complete services; you could corporation with only one company for all your needs of cleaning. Our services including:




2. Quote sales

Ord Service Unit Price per unit VND
01 Total cleaning building including outside glass cleaning m2 12.000 - 25.000
02 Total cleaning building not including outside glass cleaning m2 8.000 - 25.000
03 Outside glass cleaning m2 10.000 - 25.000
05 Inside glass cleaning m2 6.000 - 15.000
06 Floor cleaning m2 8.000 - 25.000
08 Polishing Marble, Granite m2 200.000 - 500.000
09 Carpet cleaning m2 8.000 - 25.000
10 Chair cleaning cái 8.000 - 25.000
11 Chair cleaning for director cái 20.000 - 50.000
12 Sofa cleaning bộ 200.000 - 1.000.000
13 Blinding curtain cleaning kg 35.000 - 40.000



*This is a preliminary report of hygiene services company TKT. Prices are subject to change when field visiting of TKT companies conducting the actual survey.



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