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1. TKT’s office cleaning service

All companies want to have a clean and fresh working environment to promote their staff’ creativeness to make big contributions as well as to create a positive impression on customers and associates.

Please have a look at these buildings before and after they are cleaned by our staff. Would your offices to be so clean and shiny? Please let TKT do that for you!


House cleaning packages

- Complete package: TKT maids clean all your houses to prepare for family events like wedding, or New Year, etc. TKT sends many maids to ensure that your house can be cleaned from two to four hours only.

- Periodical package: This service is suitable for families in need for frequent cleaning, families with small children, or busy ones. TKT can serve you with the number of hours per day or the number of days per week upon request to ensure that your house is always clean and tidy.

- Flexible package: TKT can provide a range of services upon request as followed:

  • Ceiling: Removing dust and spider web, cleaning lights and other equipment.
  • Wall: Removing dirt and dust.
  • Wooden doors, interior and exterior glass windows.
  • Stairs: Cleaning staircases, handrails, and fire safety equipment.
  • Toilet: Cleaning and sanitizing toilets, eliminating toilet odors.
  • Kitchen: removing dirt, spilled oil or sticky grease.
  • Floor: Cleaning and shining different types of floor with exclusive chemicals and versatile scrubber.
  • Furniture: Washing sofa, chairs, etc.
  • Improving indoor air quality, removing mold in kitchen and bathroom. Giving periodical anti-mosquito service with user friendly and environment friendly chemicals.


2. Benefits of using TKT’s home cleaning services

- TKT’s staff: Our maids are qualified, professional, and experienced in house cleaning, office cleaning, and industrial cleaning. All the maids are well-trained about cleaning equipment operation and cleaning procedure. Customers are served with our friendly and professional cleaners.

- Equipment: TKT use modern and expensive equipment which are only utilized by cleaning-specialized companies. This guarantees the shortest cleaning duration.

- Chemicals: Our chemicals produced by the world’ famous manufacturer are exclusive and environment friendly. Therefore, customers do not have to bother yourselves with environmental problems and the side effects of cleaning chemicals.

- Standard cleaning procedure: The cleaning procedure is based on research and real experience to ensure the best quality.


3. Sales quote

- Cleaning costs are sent to customers right after the field visiting


Contact us

We would like to send our big thanks to customers for your attention to TKT’s services. Here are number of ways you can contact us:

Option 1: Please use our hotline numbers 028.66.830.930 or 028.66.830.931

Option 2: Please send us an email through [email protected] or fill in the following form. TKT will contact you within 24 hours

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Option 3: You can visit us at our office

Address: Floor 9, GIC Building, 161 Ung Van Khiem Road, Ward 25, Binh Thanh Province, Ho Chi Minh City

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TKT always listens to your demands and your feedback about our services
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