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Requirements for TKT hourly domestic maids for foreigners

- Identification: maids must have transparent and clear identification validated with legal documents.

- Health condition: maids must be in good health condition with medical certificate provided by hospitals appointed by TKT.

- Personality: maids must be honest, dedicated, and friendly to customers.

- Professional Qualification: maids must be either experienced or well-trained to do domestic stuff or office cleaning. In particular, they must be able to:

  • Use household equipment like washing machine, vacuum cleaner, iron, dish washer, gas cooker, electric cooker, etc.
  • Clean houses: living room, bed room, kitchen, floor, rest room
  • Do washing, ironing, shopping, cooking, etc.
  • Clean offices

- Special skills:

  • Be organized at work, have good knowledge of basic cleaning procedure.
  • Have necessary skills to serve foreigners: command of English, Western food cooking ability, experience
giúp việc cho người nước ngoài 01 giúp việc cho người nước ngoài 02 giúp việc cho người nước ngoài 03 giúp việc cho người nước ngoài 04 giúp việc cho người nước ngoài 05
Figure: hourly domestic maids for foreigners


2. TKT’s methods to supervise hourly domestic maids for foreigner

- TKT evaluates and ranks staff based on the customers’ evaluation sheets that are collected right after the staff finishes his/ her job. Any action that breaks TKT’s regulations of the staff can be recorded by the customers.

- The ranks are posted on the company’s website.

- Customers can choose the staff they like based on their ranks.

- The maids who dissatisfy customers have no chance to serve customer again.


3. Hourly and Contract-based costs

Price: 45.000-50.000 VND/per hour

According to the survey conducted by TKT, 80% of customers are in need for domestic maids with the following amounts of time

1-2 days/ per week, 7-8 hours/ per day,
3-4 days/ per week, 3-6 hours/ per day,
5-7 days/ per week, 3-4 hours/ per day

Therefore, to ensure the best services for customers, 35.000 VND/ per hour is the price for all of the above amounts of time

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For other demands, TKT would like to list the detailed prices as followed:

hourly domestic maids for foreigners price



4. Procedure to handle an order

An order is handled in a four-day process as followed:

hourly domestic maids for foreigners procedure

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