Home and office care service

TKT’s maids who are honest, careful, dedicated, and well-trained can take care of your family and beloved the best. TKT offers a wide range of services as followed:
Home and office care service tkt company
  • Hourly or live-in domestic maids
  • Complete domestic service
  • Office cleaning, Complete office cleaning
  • Child and elderly care giving
  • Hotel maid
  • Shopping helper


TKT's cleaning services can ensure your house or building to be the cleanest and you can spend time there the most comfortably. TKT offers a variety of cleaning services:
cleaning service tkt company
  • House cleaning
  • Office cleanings
  • Industrial cleaning
  • Office and high rise window cleaning
  • Carpet, sofa and mattress cleaning
  • Floor cleaning and waxing

TKT’s online Supermarket

TKT’s online supermarket accesses customers to UNIQUE products with high quality. TKT claims: COMPLETE care to family and office with "Dedication, Trust, and Professionalism".
sieu thi online tkt company
  • Food
  • Cosmetics and make-ups
  • Household equipment
  • Garment
  • Footwear, handbags, and accessories
  • Stationery

Forums for Vietnamese Offices and Families

TKT has created Commerce Service Forums for Vietnamese offices and families where customers and businesses can exchange and share ideas about products. Our forums include:
forum thuong mai dich vu tkt company
  • Commerce Forum
  • Service Forum
  • Forum for unique products and services
  • Forum for Families
  • Forum for Businesses
  • Back link, website exchange

An Open letter to our valued customers

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TKT Company, would like to send the best regards to our Honored Customers

TKT Company is the leading service provider in HCM City with a comprehensive range of services:




Domestic maids/Office cleaning staff - House Cleaning/Office Cleaning - TKT online market for Home and Office


1. Hourly domestic maid and Office cleaning staff

  • Domestic maids: hourly household services, household services for foreigners, child and elder caring, chefs, cooking assistants, healthy menu planning, shopping helpers.
  • Office cleaning staff: hourly office cleaning staff service and office cleaning staff service


2. House, office, industrial cleaning

  • House cleaning: post-construction cleaning, periodical house cleaning, furniture cleaning (carpet cleaning, floor washing, interior glass window cleaning, high rise window cleaning, wooden object cleaning, china object cleaning, etc.)
  • Office cleaning: Post–construction cleaning, periodical office cleaning, office equipment cleaning and sanitizing (carpet washing, exterior and interior glass window cleaning, Marble cleaning, chair cleaning, curtain washing, etc.)
  • Industrial cleaning: Factory, hospital, schools, supemarket, commerce center office, building, airport, office cleaning


3. Online supermarket for Vietnamese families and offices

  • Online supermarket for household products: food, non-food, garment, electronic devices and other household equipment
  • Online supermarket for office products: stationary and other office equipment...

but also COMPLETE CARE for households and offices with Dedication, Trust, and Professionalism"

"TKT is the way to put more time into your day!"

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TKT and our phylosophy “SAVE TIME – BRING HAPPINESS”

TKT (standing for Save Time – Tiet kiem Thoi Gian), we always hold the belief that “Time is our precious treasure”. Time enables us to create miracles, succeed and obtain happiness

CTKT is responsible for both small and big jobs provided that customers have more time for success in work and life. With Home and Office care services, TKT wish and endeavors to help customers save their valuable time.

With Hourly domestic maid and Office cleaning staff; House, office, industrial cleaning; Online supermarket for Vietnamese families and offices; TKT want to and be work hard in order that we can save precious time for our customer.


1. Hourly domestic maids

“Maid is a job – Once being a job, it must be professional”

For households, TKT’s hourly domestic maids help you with energy consuming, boring, and tiring household tasks, enabling you to save time and energy for more meaningful things such as your career, your family, or to enjoy life in the way you want.

For companies, TKT provides hourly office cleaning service that is exclusively suitable for companies which are in need for 2 hour, 4 hour, or 6 hour cleaning per day. TKT helps your companies save staff wage budget, releases you from the staff’s unexpected absence – related worries.

TKT wish our honored customers to have more time for career, family, and life. Please, give TKT’s HOURLY HELPERS the chance to aid you with that.

TKT has a team of professionally recruited and trained hourly helpers

Hourly domestic maids TKT company



2. House cleaning, office cleaning, and industrial cleaning


House cleaning service provided by TKT brings you a clean, fresh, and comfortable living environment where you can enjoy your life with beloved family.

Office cleaning service can contribute to create a clean and professional working environment, helping your company to make a good impression on customers and motivating your staff to work better.

Here are TKT’s commitments to our customers:

  • Our maids are qualified, professional, and experienced in house cleaning, office cleaning, and industrial cleaning.
  • We use professional, modern, and expensive equipment which are only utilized by cleaning-specialized companies.
  • The chemicals exploited by our company are exclusive and environment friendly. Therefore, customers can be free from worries related to environmental problems and the side effects of cleaning chemicals.
  • Household customers do not have to directly supervise cleaning maids. TKT is in charge of handling unexpected incidents to keep customers away from all the possible problems related to cleaning maids.
  • TKT can share the responsibility to manage maids with companies, so our company customers can fully concentrate on their work.

With the philosophy of bringing Vietnamese companies, households, and individuals a more and more comfortable life and our dedication, TKT will try our best to maintain the reputation and professionalism in each activity.


3. Online supermarkets for Vietnamese households and companies


To save honored customers time the most, our Online supermarkets bring you smart and quick solutions.

TKT’s providers who are always trustworthy and professional will satisfy your needs the most.

Once again, TKT would like to claim our philosophy “TKT provides the comprehensive Household – Office services with Dedication, Trust, and Professionalism”.




TKT and the phylosophy that “Helper is a job – Once being a job, it must be professional”

TKT would like to express our big thanks to Customers for your attention to our Hourly Domestic maid Service and Hourly Office Cleaner Service. Your attention and use of the services have created welfare for many maids at TKT.

Trying our best, TKT with dedicated maids have been training and working to be more professional, contributing to change the view of Vietnamese society of Domestic maidS, office cleanER and their jobs.

Best regards


TKT company - Professional Home & Office Care Service

PS: Customers can look at the following links for further information:

- “Hourly domestic maids” and “Sales quote for hourly domestic maids”.

- Completely new and comprehensive “Domestic Sevice” by TKT. Giúp việc gia đình toàn diện mới

- Hotline for customer care namely "hotline on line 24h" is a 24/7 service, non-stop.Giúp việc gia đình toàn diện mới

Are you having trouble in looking for a domestic maid, wondering whether to use a live-in maid or hourly maid, having no idea about a reliable company? Please let TKT help you by phoning us: 028.66.830.930 or 08.66.830.931 or emailing us [email protected]


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