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Review hourly outsourcing - a new trend of modern society

Currently businesses (including large enterprises) usually employ complex external service to save the cost of recruitment, personnel management, training costs, labor costs, salaries and insurance... form of out-sourcing (outsourcing) is very popular and is becoming an inevitable trend of professionalization, minimize costs to focus on the core business segments.

Currently companies, businesses often provide complex services use external services include:

  • commercial: commercial centers, retail outlets, banks and supermarkets.
  • food business: restaurants, hotels, shops, cafes
  • entertainment zone: theaters, parks, bars, karaoke.
  • areas of education: schools, language centers, cultural

Benefits provided by the company magazine for professional office provides:

  • 30-80% cost reduction include: recruitment costs, labor costs, training costs, management costs. Now just signed a contract with the company provided. The company takes care of the payment of wages, bonuses, insurance, training and management of staff. Due to the specificity, the company provides will ensure good:
    • Quality of training.
    • Stability: always have a replacement in case of unexpected odd job workers stay.
    • Ensure that salaries, bonuses best management employees. Businesses do not have to worry about asking for increases in salary, bonus holidays of the employees.
  • Flexible hourly service pack
    • Complex forms available on now is a new form, in order to optimize costs for companies, businesses, particularly small and medium-sized companies. If not really need 1 employees 8h/ngay, customers can fully request 2-8h/ngay. This is the new trend. Many customers use the priority of children with disabilities services by the hour
  • Sanitation services package, comprehensive
    • The company also provided hygiene kits, chemical hygiene package. All in one.
    • Often accompanied by general sanitary services (sanitation sofa, carpet, office chairs, laundry ironing, scrub the floor, wipe the lens in and out, clean the glass on high, stone floor maintenance, floor recovery stone, etc.) to ensure the company's best customer care, the most comprehensive.
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1. Introduction hourly professional maid service of TKT company

a) Office maid service quality

- Magazines for office workers with experience or training to do the things:

  • cleaning and cleaning company: external care area, basement, ground floor, office buildings, toilets.
  • use of company equipment chemical toilet: floor mop, wiper, trees, dust, water extractor, car trolley, floor cleaning chemicals, toilet cleaning chemicals, cleaning chemicals, glass...
  • understand and comply with the cleaning, cleaning.
  • understand and comply with the provisions of fire safety, first aid, victims, rescuers and rescue in emergency situations.
  • other special skills depending on the requirements: tea water, acquisitions, photo documentation, preliminary processing, cooking ...
  • characteristics: disciplined, honest and dedicated.

- Price: 45,000 - 50,000 VND/hour applied to the following period (the period of time, please see the price list):

1-2 days / week, 7-8 hours / day,
3-4 days / week, 3-6 hours / day,
5-7 days / week, 3-4 hours / day.

- Detailed price list tap providers of children with disabilities, and contract customers please see below.


b) Items of daily hygiene of employees

The daily work using the toilet cleaning tools simple to scan, clean, pick up trash, wash includes:

  • External area of building: pavement, area tennis, bonsai campus, around the belt, driving style, parking.
  • Building basement area: the entrance, garage, toilet, garbage, storage.
  • Building floor area: the main entrance, reception room, the hall, the elevator area, toilets.
  • The building floor area: stairs, hallways, lobbies of elevators, toilets.
  • Areas of work: doors, walls, internal roads, boss desk, desk staff, filing cabinets ...

c) About the information on professional hourly maid service of TKT


2. Cleaning service company monthly, quarterly

Let's look at these images, and the difference in the sanitary services of children with disabilities. Do you want your company is clean and tidy like that. Please let industrial hygiene services of TKT help you.

  Images: industrial hygiene services  

- Depending on the needs of customers with disabilities to provide cleaning services include:



- Periodic cleaning costs will be sent to customers after the actual survey.


3. Details tap provider charges by the hour

- Price: 45,000 - 50,000 VND/hour applied to the following period (the period of time, please see the price list):

1-2 days / week, 7-8 hours / day,
3-4 days / week, 3-6 hours / day,
5-7 days / week, 3-4 hours / day.

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WITH OTHER REQUIREMENTS HOURS, TKT please quote the following details:

office maid - bang gia chi tiet



4. Service procudre

Contract shall comply with the following four days.

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